Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fresh new start for a fresh new year

As my black-eyed peas (the actual food, not the band) are warming up in the microwave, I have to admit something:  I was absolutely HORRIBLE about blogging in 2011!  I entered two--count 'em, TWO!--blog posts last year!

So I've decided to turn over a new leaf.  I can't say that I'll blog every day, because let's be go from blogging twice a year to once a day is QUITE unrealistic.  But I shall do my darndest to at least think about blogging every day!  I keed!  I keed!

I AM going to try to stick with a project I've read a lot of people are doing, Project 365 (or 366, since this is a leap year).  It sounds like such a great way to document my year...I'm sure I'll persevere!  (Hmmm...insert sarcastic eye roll here).

But seriously, here's my entry for Day 1...and honestly, could I pick a better subject?  :)

So welcome, 2012.  Thanks for the great start...keep it coming!  And we'll just ignore that whole Mayan calendar thing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Christmas 2010...only 4 months late!

In an attempt to catch up on things here on ye olde blog, here's some pics of Christmas activities from the Hughes household.

I am refusing to edit photos.  I have no energy for such extraneous activities.

So here you go:

 J.J. at his class Christmas party...what a goofy boy.

J.J.'s first friend on the first day of school...and now apparently his partner in crime!
Santa came to visit his class!  I was worried he would be too scared to sit on his lap...
...but apparently not!

Even Mrs. S. got to join the fun!

MYA Christmas party
Andra has a weapon...look out!!

Oh the tacky Christmas glory!

Yeah, that says "My Bible study leader gave me this shirt for Christmas...that's the back.

That's the front.  My hubby is a kook!

Melanie was laughing at something so hard that she cried.  Sadly, I've totally forgotten what it was...but I have a feeling it was NOT appropriate.  And probably came from my mouth.  (Gulp!)

Christmas Eve

Shocking that hers would be pink...everything she does is pink!

Making "carpet angels" in their Christmas jammies

Reading with Daddy before bed

Santa came!

Christmas morning:

Checking out what Santa brought!

Who doesn't love a Pillow Pet?

"Shaving" w/ Daddy

Johnny's face cracks me up!

Even Tinkerbell and Belle like the Pillow Pet

J.J.'s big present from us

Bow fight!!


Seriously, he'd been asking for that thing for a year!  Thanks, Aunt Linda!

My mom really likes Nutella :)

Best gift in the stocking?  Dora band-aids!

Daddy making lunch in his new apron

The aftermath

There...I finally got Christmas down in the recordbooks!  Now...on to January!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ummm...yeah. I'm pretty sad at this blogging thing.

Apparently, I lack something called "discipline".

At first I thought it was just in my homemaking tasks (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, feeding the kids--wait...I DO feed those little monkeys) and my eating habits.  But somehow it has become a glaring problem with my blog-writing as well.


Alas, it has now been 3 months since last I graced the cyber-world with my mad storytelling skills.

(Why does Blogger still underline the word "cyber" as though it's spelled wrong?  Irony?  I think so!)

Apparently my sidetracking skills did NOT take a hit.  (GRIN)

SO what have we been up to in the last three months?  Oh...just about everything you could expect from a family with two kids under 6 with another on the way:

Barfing up lungs
Raging sinus infections
Nick Jr.
School parties
"Oops" notes (BLECH!)
Phineas & Ferb
BLIZZARDS!!! (Love 'em!)
Too many snow days to count
Arguments (oops!) discussions over what to name the new baby
Dave Ramsey (and consequently Baby Steps)

That's just a tidbit, really.  The last three months have seriously been INSANE!  Where do I start?  Since the last time I wrote was in November, I'll start with the Christmas season.

But not here...I'll break it all up so you're not forced to read an EXTREMELY long post.

You love me, don't you?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who wants to know???

Well, we went to the doctor today for our 19-week ultrasound.  Our appointment was at 1:15.  We got in to the tech at about 2:15.  Apparently, everybody wanted to see their babies today.

So these are the two onesies I purchased the other day...specifically so I could do a fun little blog post about them.'s come to that.  First, I start taking pictures set up especially for scrapbooking.  Now I'm buying things directly for my blog.

Hey!  Maybe this means I'll start writing on it more!  (Don't I wish?)

(Did anyone else hear that "Don't I wish" in Gwyneth Paltrow's voice?  No?  That was just me?  Okay.  Note to self:  stop watching View From the Top.)

ANYWAY...where was I?  Oh yes!  We went to the doctor.  I bought onesies.  Here's a pic:

Now...any guesses as to what we're having?  Which one I'll keep and which one I'll either take back or give to my sister-in-law who may or may not be having whichever one we didn't have? it in your mind?  Keep it there for a second...focus on your answer...hold it....hold it....

We interrupt this blog entry to bring you a quick commercial!  Is there anyone out there who has NOT tried Groupon yet?  It's the most fabulous way to save some doll-uhs on restaurants, massages, etc. around your fine town!  Have a coupon emailed to you everyday!

And right now, if you join under this link, you will not only give me a $15 referral bonus, but you'll get $5 in bonus cash after your first purchase!  And LOTS of the offers on Groupon are for around $10, so after you've bought one, you're halfway there to the second!  So please...for your sake...for your DAUGHTER'S sake...(name the movie)....join Groupon now!  Click here!

We now bring you back to your regularly scheduled blog entry.

Still have that answer in your brain?  Because heeeeeeeeeeeeere's the answer!

That's right!  We're having a baby girl!


 Here's a couple more pics of the cutie-patootey:

Ugh!  Isn't she precious???  I think she has my nose.

Well, there you have it!  Our big news for the holiday season!  We're going to Chili's to celebrate tonight.  Can't wait to get me some of those deeeeeeee-lish-us chips!

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